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The power of combining Capital with Purpose.

Aktualisiert: 10. Mai 2021

Interview with Dr. Marta Ra and Edith Aldewereld, Co-Founders Women in Sustainable finance (WISF)

Since the industrial revolution, our society has worked intending to create growth. And we have never considered what the consequences are on our community and planet of this growth driven. Approach. We now face the consequences that with this system, we have created imbalances in. Many different aspects of our world and society. To name a few: climate change, dispersion of wealth, hunger, clean water sanitation, gender equality and in our wellbeing.

The numbers of unhappy people, depressed, have burned out, and obesity is increasing.

Rapidly. Switzerland has worldwide amongst the highest rates of teenager suicide.

In short: we have created a system that no longer serves us.

That is why the United Nations have developed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to create clarity on these imbalances and to clarify where money needs to flow to reduce the

inequalities. And that is also why we, people within the financial industry and investors have such an important role: we need capital to reduce these imbalances.

We, at WISF, strongly believe that change in our society, in our system, starts with a change in

ourselves. When we take care of our wellbeing, when we use the skills and strengths that we have received by birth and have developed over time, we combine them with what we like to do, we find purpose in what we do. When you do what you want to do with like-minded people, you automatically thrive. And then growth is a result and not a goal anymore. And imbalances will be reduced as we will contribute positively to our society and planet. With WISF, we combine this with the power of female energy, as we care, and we share authentically.

And by combining this purpose driven point with capital, we actively contribute positively to reduce the current imbalances.

We strongly believe in creating awareness, educating people in personal wellbeing as well as in sustainable finance and providing the tools that are necessary to act and to make sure we all individually, and all together, contribute positively to create a society and planet where we live in balance with ourselves, each other and with the resources that our world provides. That is my wish for our next generation. And therefore, we need to act now.

Edith Aldewereld

Co-Founder Women in Sustainable finance (WISF)

Edith Aldewereld, born in 1974, co-founded WISF in December 2018. The vision of WISF is to create an inclusive sustainable economy that benefits

our society, planet and economy at large. WISF is an international organisation that aims to transform the financial industry into a sustainable industry

and leverages the high interest of women in sustainable finance:

with the combination of female energy, sustainable finance and private capital we create a positive impact and balance environmental, social and

governance practices in a way that the people living on our planet today can meet their needs without comprimising the ability of future generations

to meet their own. We strongly believe in the power of co-creation and therefore we connect internationally with the right partners to leverage on each others strengths.

Over the last 25 years she has built extensive knowledge in asset management and international private banking. At Sonnenberg Wealth Management AG, where she is a partner

since July 2015, she has created together with the Investment Team sustainable investment solutions next to the already existing classic solutions. This project, Moving Money to

Meaning, is her passion. It reflects her personal values, mission and purpose with her working experience. The Core of Moving Money to Meaning are the opportunities to invest in

Sustainable and Impact Investments. It is Edith’s mission to make the financial industry and Private Clients aware that wealth can be created whilst achieving a positive impact on

society at the same time.

In addition to her work at Sonnenberg she co-founded with the University of Zurich the course ‘Sustainable Investments in Wealth Management’. She is also co-founder of the

charity War Child Support Switzerland, which supports War Child in the Netherlands through fundraising. Since January 2019 she is also involved in ACATIS Fair Value AG on

sustainable investment solutions.

From 2001 to 2015, Mrs. Aldewereld served in various positions in asset management and private banking at ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland) and later at Union Bancaire Privée (UBP

Ltd) in Zurich. As a senior portfolio manager in the discretionary portfolio management (DPM) department she was responsible for several investment committees as well as for the

customized management of the portfolios of UHNWI clients. She took care of the strategical development and tactical implementation of the DPM sales strategy and the retention

and acquisition of clients worldwide. After her move to private banking in the year 2007, she held positions as a senior relationship manager focusing on the UK and the

Netherlands. She continued this position after ABN AMRO Bank (Switzerland) was taken over by UBP Ltd in the year 2011. From 1996 to 2001 she worked as an investment advisor

private banking at the ING Bank in the Netherlands.

Mrs. Aldewereld studied commercial economics at the School of Business Administration and Economics in Venlo and has earned a degree as Certified European Financial Analyst

(CEFA) at the VU University in Amsterdam. She is fluent in Dutch, German and English.

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