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Sustainable Investment? Episode 1 - Dr Marta Ra, CEO at Paracelsus Recovery

Aktualisiert: 3. Okt. 2020

Dr. Marta Ra, CEO at Paracelsus Recovery I TEDx Speaker I Co-Founder at WISF (Women In Sustainable Finance) I Social Entrepreneur is giving a speech about sustainable investments.


Is it possible to execute sustainable investments?

We are proud to share with you first Episode from series we are producing:

Women in Business - Frauen in der Wirtschaft.

In our series, we will show women who are shaping the future business world.


Dr Marta Ra said:

"Sustainable business it's not just a word; it is a process of building education in finance about where, how, why we invest in things we invest. Results of sustainable investments have a double impact: not only money - ROI but strong influence on society healthy growth."


Dr.Marta Ra has worked in banking for many years. Amongst others, she has worked with Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley. While at JP Morgan, she was responsible for managing CHF 39bn - the largest Swiss Pension Fund.

In her client facing role as client Relationship Manager at Globalance Bank she was also in charge of the strategic topic of “Women.”

Her passion are the people. That’s why she is also a trained therapeutic coach. Currently she is the CEO of Paracelsus Recovery Clinic, which is the worlds most exclusive and discrete mental health and addition clinic where she treats royalty, actors, singers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and the wealthy.

Combining feminine energy and finance is what Marta does at “Women In Sustainable Finance”.

Marta holds a degree (diploma) in economics from the University of Witten/Herdecke, Germany, and a Ph.D. from the University of St.Gallen (Dr.HSG).

More information:

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