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Joe Rogan Experience for 100 million USD.

Aktualisiert: 7. Dez. 2020

Does business go into freedom of speech as a value?

Joe Rogan Experience for 100 million USD bough as exclusive content in 2021 for Spotify.

Talking openly, talking regret less, talking about everybody without any limitations?

2 or 3 hours?

Who is watching this?

The current world of media is changing. The current world of value is changing.

9 million subscribers – yes, subscribers and over 2 392 639 942 viewers in 7 years? Yes. The current audience has chosen. Uncut, undirected, unlimited points of view where comments are not off and scripted. Joe Rogan Experience is an interesting show? not correct politically, culturally, where freedom of speech is fully unchained.

Please give us opinion, what do you think about this concept of speech and media.

Do you think it can positively or negatively influence the world?

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