How much do we act for the environment? Japan and Mauritius.

Aktualisiert: 10. Mai 2021

In 2011 took place a disaster in Fukushima in Japan.

How much have we learned as a global society since then?

How much more we need to destroy, to test the boundaries of nature to get to the final border of fresh air, water and finally food quality we are eating daily?

Our Smart Switzerland Team is preparing with few partners a tool to implement the knowledge we have, to put an effort not just to know but to act and prevent the next one environmental disaster.

We firmly believe that much better business is in protecting the environment and nature than to destroy it and repair the consequences.

"If you know any company, startup, people who act and deliver solutions around the environment, you can contact them with us. Our team will help them to share their solutions globally. " - redaction Team Smart Switzerland
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