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Talks at Google, Season 1, episodes 1, Dominique Gisin

Google Switzerland, as a very important Partner of a Swiss Economical Life is sharing with Us a meaningfull insights from very important topics from the field of passion, work-life balance, sustainble focus, growth and income. Please consider a bit of time to focus on things they can suprised you in the way of looking a meanigfull information.

Our team have produced and was the part of Talks at Google. You can look a informations in a whole INternet but here in Samrt Switzerland You will find just the best insights and infomraiton which will change your life.

“Season 1 includes episodes with Dominique Gisin, Olympic Champion, Marcel Hug , Para Olympic Champion and Patrick Sweany who came back from cancer and dissover new life posssibilites. This stories counts, this stories are making a difference ”- Rafael Solis, Executive Producer”

Episode 2 and 3 you will get notification soon on your email account.

Our advice for this videos, to watch them sowly in focus. Only then yhen You are able to feel wht our guests are talking about, only then you can take something for you for your persoal nd business life imprivements.

Create Relevant Content

For Us relevent contet is a priority. Why you can need a top news about Facebook or Libra if it does not influence your personal or business development. What others are doing, a brief talk about this will give you nothing just a time wityout knowing that you have watched something, but not knowing that you can this knowledge use, and how you can use it.

Smart Switzerlnad is about a using of knowlege you will get from us. Use it for your better life development.

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